Want To Be a More Confident Catholic?

“I thought that when I launched it I would maybe attract 100-200 people. But I was blown away: during the first week, nearly 2,000 people signed up! ” –Brandon Vogt on his most recent creation, ClaritasU.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many more times still: anything Brandon Vogt takes the time to create will be worth anyone’s time and money.
Brandon’s latest project is called ClaritasU – and once again I am beyond impressed. Every Catholic who wishes to be a confident Catholic needs to know about this and become part of it. So what is it? Brandon graciously took the time this morning to answer a few questions in regards to his latest project:
M: What is ClaritasU?
B: ClaritasU is an online membership site for Catholics who want to get clear about their faith. We cover all sorts of hot-button issues, such as atheism, same-sex marriage, the Bible, transgenderism, science, and much more. These are the topics that most Catholics are terrified to discuss, but after finishing the courses at ClaritasU, they become cool and confident.
We also have a vibrant community area where members interact with me and lots of other on-fire Catholics, discussing the courses and asking whatever questions they have.
Simply put, ClaritasU is the best way to become a confident Catholic.
M: What inspired this latest project of yours?
B: It really emerged as I traveled the country for speaking events, interacting with thousands of Catholics, and hearing similar things over and over. People would tell me how they feel pressed in by the culture, and how they feel nervous and afraid when any of these difficult, hot-button issues come up in conversation. They’re worried they’ll say the wrong thing, in the wrong way, at the wrong time.
So I wanted to help. I started working on these videos courses, and this discussion forums, and it sort of grew from there. I thought that when I launched it I would maybe attract 100-200 people. But I was blown away: during the first week, nearly 2,000 people signed up!
To me, that showed how hungry Catholics are to get clear on these topics and learn how to handle them in day-to-day conversation.
M: What sorts of things can we expect to learn if we sign up for ClaritasU?
B: When you sign up, you get access to three main resources in ClaritasU. First are the courses. These two-month video courses are where you’ll get up-to-speed on particular topics, such as atheism or why we should trust the Bible. Each video course includes 5-6 video lessons, one expert interview, one book talk video (where I share my favorite books on the topic), and one live Q&A where members can ask me whatever they want. So the courses are really the most important part of ClaritasU. We currently have four courses in the library with new videos rolling out each week.
Second are the quick wins videos. These are short, 1-2 minute videos that teach you how to succintly answer popular objections, whether it be the suggestion that faith and science conflict, or when a Protestant friend asks you to prove your belief from the Bible. If you want a quick, digestable answer to a tough question, you’ll love these quick wins videos.
Third is the community area. For many people, this is the best part of ClaritasU. This is where hundreds of Catholics gather to discuss hard topic, share feedback, and provide encouragement. We also have hundreds of priests in ClaritasU–since ClaritasU is free for priests, seminarians, and religious–and they provide helpful answers to many questions.
M: Who are some of the experts that have contributed to ClaritasU?
B: We always bring in a top expert for each course at ClaritasU, asking them to share their best tips and advice on the subject. So far we’ve had:
  • Fr. Robert Spitzer on atheism
  • Dr. Ryan Anderson on same-sex marriage
  • Dr. Brant Pitre on trusting the Gospels
  • Jennifer Fulwiler on why be Catholic
  • Many more coming soon!
How do we sign up?
Great question! This is important: you can sign up at ClaritasU.com, however the sign-up window is THIS WEEK only (8/31 – 9/7). After this week, the doors will close for new members and they will not reopen for at least six months. I only open up ClaritasU twice each year for new members: one week in the Spring, and one week in the Fall.
Why do we do that? Because I want to spend most of the year helping ClaritasU members, pouring all my time and energy into them. That’s why I only spend two weeks each year promoting and marketing ClaritasU, and the other 50 weeks serving our great members.
So if you want to become clear and confident, if you want to discuss the hardest issues Catholics face without getting nervous and afraid, then sign up for ClaritasU now before the doors close!
Sign up here!!

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