’s Top Posts Of 2016

man-reading-laptopAccording to the numbers, here are the top posts of 2016 at

  1. What Every Protestant Can’t Not Know
  2. Did Jesus Abolish The Priesthood?
  3. When Protestants Get Catholicism Wrong
  4. Why Be Catholic?
  5. In Defense Of The Crucifix
  6. Training In Thomas: 10 Initial Strategies
  7. Why We Venerate Relics
  8. On The Religious “Indoctrination” Of Children
  9. Where Is God?: The Problem Of Divine Hiddenness

This year was a break out year in many ways for me as a Catholic writer. Blessings were abundant.

I joined as a contributor at the Catholic Answers blog, and contributed articles to the Catholic Answers Magazine (in print). I also had the immense honour of continuing my contributions to Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire blog. I also saw some of my work gain further exposure through The Coming Home Network and Catholic Exchange.

Finally, I made tremendous progress on what will be my first published work set to come out this year (perhaps as early as Spring 2017) – a booklet addressing the problem of religious indifference, which is being published by Catholic Answers Press. So stay tuned for that…

Glory to God! And thank you, friends, for a great year!


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