1. Harvey said:

    Science cannot explain everything since, by its own method, it automatically excludes things that can’t be measured. But, even within its own framework, quantum physics can only (at best) speak of probabilities all based on the scientific idea called the Uncertainty Principle. And even if quantum physics is highly successful, it admits to the limits of certainty and absolutism within the scientific viewpoint.
    And this doesn’t even start to talk about an artist’s appreciation for a sunset, the meaning of a poem, and more. And, what of love? If one reduces it to a scientific extrapolation one will miss the point.
    Of course science does describe a lot and is VERY successful in terms of its track record, but one should beware of its limits…by its very own definition.

    July 27, 2017
  2. George said:


    “Science cannot describe everything in the physical world”


    July 29, 2017

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