1. John D said:

    Good post. I think informed protestants (such as Dr. James White) would argue as follows (this is how he argued against Patrick Madrid in the 1990s).
    1) The Scriptures are infallible and make the man of God sufficient
    2) The Scriptures refer to NO OTHER infallible source to make the man of God sufficient. (They would then shoot down any other passaged adduced for Tradition or the Church)
    3) Therefore, the scriptures are the sole infallible rule of faith.

    Regarding that canon, informed Protestants (like White) would likely point out: The Catholic Church got along without an infallible list of books for 1500 years, so it is clear that an infallible list is not strictly needed for Christians. Protestants claim that they have a sufficient knowledge of the canon, even if it is not an infallible knowledge.

    Curious how you would answer those! If we can answer the best of the best objections, the truth of the Catholic faith will shine even brighter.

    August 25, 2017
  2. Mark said:

    I think your four questions only confirms the tunnelvision that is called Catholicism. You are also asking questions that only provide the answers that you want to purvey.
    Of course the Bible does not teach that “it” alone is God’s Word. Because at the time of these writings, there was no such thing as a Bible. The same can be said for your third question. Early Christians are not going to “say” anything about a Bible and their belief in it. It didn’t exist. For the first 20-30 years after Christ’s death, there was nothing other than personal eyewitness accounts and revelations. It wasn’t until Paul started writing letters to the different churches that there was anything in writing.
    You also mention traditions, like it means something. Maybe in the Catholic Church it does, because that is the only way you can back up your misinterpreted beliefs. The only thing tradition implies is, that is how it has always been done. That doesn’t make it right. The use of the word traditions in Paul’s writing means nothing. How much tradition could there have been in 20 years?
    And finally, just because your Bishops decree it as so, does not make it so! I would sooner believe what was written within the first generation after Christ than that of some Ecumenical council 300 years later, that more than likely had an ulterior motive.
    The Catholic Church has shown us over and over that their members, from the casual attender to the Priests and Bishops, and any other office or title that may be held, is not infallible nor are their decisions or edicts. So why would any decisions made in your Synod have any kind of authority?
    I pray for the Catholic Church and it’s members, especially since I have family members that are still stuck in the Church’s web of misguided beliefs. The fact that you close your article with a remark like “we Catholics…are offering what Christ offers.” I beg to differ. Christ offers freedom and access to God the Father! Apparently the Catholic Church has missed those points! Maybe I have misunderstood the words of Jesus when he says, “no one comes to the Father except through me.” Not through the Catholic church, not the Pope, not any specific religion, but through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And I am sorry, but you do not corner that market.

    August 28, 2017

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