1. George said:

    Wow… what an insightful post.

    Without my parents passing on the faith, I know I’d be lost.
    There was no coercion in the process from my end.
    Just virtues, values and valuable family time!

    Sydney, Australia

    October 14, 2016
  2. Adrienne Castellon said:

    Thanks for this article Matt. My daughter who attends St. John Brebeuf Secondary in B.C. Canada brought it home. They had a very engaging discussion about your article in their grade 12 religion class. I am grateful for the insightfulness of the article and also for the choice of her teacher to bring it in. This is something that young people, all of us need to be able to discuss intelligently. I plan to bring it to my Foundation of Education class at Trinity Western University for discussion with future teachers. Just wanted to let you know the impact you have had with this article. Thanks!
    Adrienne Castellon

    October 27, 2016
    • Matt Nelson said:

      Thank you for the feedback, Adrienne! I’m thrilled to hear that the article is being used as a discussion piece in your daughter’s high school class, and that you hope to use it as well. Thanks again, and stay in touch!

      October 27, 2016

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