I would be honored to speak at your parish or event. Here are some of the more popular talks I have given in the past:

Catholicism Matters: How To Evangelize People Who “Couldn’t Care Less” About Religion

Religious indifferentism is a rampant problem in today’s relativistic culture. People rarely think seriously about things like whether God exists, what God is like, who Jesus was and is, and whether the Catholic Church is what it claims to be. In this talk I draw from personal experiences including my own pre-conversion bout with skepticism and indifference, and suggest strategies for evangelizing people who are indifferent or even hostile towards religion, and especially the Catholic Church.

Making Sense Of Catholicism: A Biblical Approach

Catholics are often confronted by non-Catholic Christians with the question “Where is that in the Bible?” In this talk we explore common objections towards the beliefs of the Catholic faith and suggest ways to charitably help others make sense of Catholicism, especially from Sacred Scripture.

Speaking the Truth in Love: The Dos and Donts of Apologetics

Catholic apologetics, or explaining and defending the Catholic faith when questions or objections arise, is a key component to effective evangelization. Using several of my most memorable evangelization experiences in this talk, I teach Catholics how to charitably explain and defend Catholicism with confidence and clarity.

Why Atheists Change Their Mind

Not every atheist stays an atheist. Indeed, some people who do not believe in God eventually change their mind—and often for a variety of reasons. In this talk we explore a multitude of reasons why atheists change their mind about God’s existence, and explore practical ways to show why our belief in God is reasonable.

Evangelization With The Saints: Learning To Evangelize From The Best of The Best

In this talk we draw from the lives and writings of the saints, and take a look at the diverse ways of evangelization of Jesus’s most holy disciples. Looking at the lives and examples of the saints, this talk is both practical and inspiring for disciples in the New Evangelization.

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**This list is not exhaustive. I am happy to give a presentation on other topics upon request.