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Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization

What is The New Evangelization? – Scott Hahn

What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t – Father Robert Barron

Veneration of Saints and Images (Debate) – Patrick Madrid vs James White

Father Robert Barron on Evangelization – REC 2014

Franciscan University Presents: Catholic Apologetics – Patrick Madrid & Scott Hahn

Spreading The Gospel Back Then And All Over Again – Steve Ray

Why Catholic Bibles Have Seven More Books Than Protestant Bibles – Michael Barber

Sola Scriptura (Debate) – Fr. Mitch Pacwa vs James White

The Evangelical Catholic Moment – Scott Hahn

Catholicism: Have A Little Faith – Blythe Fike


Conversion Stories

Kimberley Hahn – Former Presbyterian

Steve Ray – Former Baptist

Devin Rose – Former Baptist and atheist

Dr. Kevin Vost – Former Atheist


Christian Apologetics

In Intellectual Neutral – William Lane Craig

Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? – William Lane Craig



When Does Life Begin? – Trent Horn

Is Abortion Acceptable To Save A Child From Suffering? – Trent Horn

Contraception: Why Not? – Dr. Janet Smith